FATFISH MOTORSPORT HAS EXCLUSIVE USE OF Auberge Le Bounty, Étang des Chères, Teloché


The Fatfish venue is located at:

Auberge Le Bounty, Étang des Chères, Teloché, 72220, France

You should be able to google map ” Étang des Chères, Teloché, France “.

Not all Sat Navs pick this up but if not, substitute ” La Fuie Garnier, Teloche, 72220 ” (the house next door) and it should work.

Directionally you need to head towards Tours either via the A28 or the D338. As Le Mans is very busy with traffic we strongly advise that you avoid Le Mans itself and approach us via the A28 exiting at junction 25 (Ecommoy). This is a few kilometres south of the venue so, when exiting, turn right and head north through the town of Ecommoy. After leaving Ecommoy we are 5kms on the right hand side – a large roadside “Fatfish Bounty” banner can be seen.