Terms and Conditions

Terms Conditions & General Info For Camping at Le Bounty with Fat Fish Motorsport

Camping at Le Bounty is for those that enjoy a relaxed and peaceful venue.

We are a family run venue and want every one to enjoy there stay so the following are for the benefit of all.

It is agreed that upon booking all members of your party have read these Terms & Conditions and agree with the following:-

  1. The Food Package begins on the Wednesday with the evening meal and the last meal is the Breakfast on the Monday.
  2. All vehicles must be parked in the car park. We are happy for you to drop your camping gear off but your vehicle must immediately be parked in the car park for the duration of your stay.
  3. Please keep to the main track and do not drive on grass areas.
  4. No movement of vehicles in the camping areas except above.
  5. The solar lights round the lake are there for safety, please do not remove.
  6. Please use the rubbish bins provided and report to a member of staff a full or missing bin.
  7. No ground B-B-Q ‘s this is a by-law, all B-B-Q must be on legs.
  8. No fires.
  9. Chairs\tables not to be taken from the restaurant\bar areas for your personal use.
  10. All payments at the venue are in Euros, we also take most credit\debit cards.
  11. Food & Drink not purchased at the venue must not be consumed in the restaurant\bar or surrounding terrace areas, (your camping area is fine).
  12. Sorry, no swimming\paddling pools.
  13. Strictly no wading or swimming in the lakes. This is for your own protection we have some very large Cat Fish in both lakes (we like our guests to leave with no missing body parts).
  14. No loud music at any time.
  15. No burn outs, flame outs, excessive revving, rev limiting, especially at night.
  16. The area round the Bar is more likely to be the noisy area so if you like early quiet nights you are advised to camp further away.
  17. The area round the Mobile Home and Caravan are our quiet areas (we do have to get some sleep lol) so please if camping round this area please keep nose down in the evenings.
  18. Generators must be of the silent type and can only be used during daylight hours. If you require power through the night to operate sleep/breathing equipment please advise us at the time of booking.
  19. The toilets and showers are only as clean as the last person that used them that person will be you. Please report blocked toilets or missing toilet paper so we can rectify.
  20. Please report any other problems with showers or toilets so we can act quickly to rectify.
  21. We want everybody to enjoy their stay and enjoy a drink or three but abusive or inappropriate drunken behaviour will not be tolerated, you will be told to leave (without refund).
  22. The shuttle service is a FREE service but is not a Taxi service, we only drop off and pick up at designated points as shown on the notice board in the bar. Operating times, drop off & pick up points will also be displayed in the bar. Please understand the drivers do their best but traffic can be very heavy at times and the local police have a habit of closing roads as and when they see fit and leaving the drivers to find an alternative routes.

Finally, in the unlikely event you have a complaint then please talk to John, Steve, Gary or Louise. We are here to ensure you have a great stay and can only correct problems while you are with us.

John & Steve
Fat Fish Motor Sport